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Luis Royo: Memory in White (1993), Malefic

Welcome to
Claudio's Rogue Guide


I would recommend that you read my CAT-Guide first. Furthermore, you can find many useful information about Diablo in Jarulf's excellent Guide to Diablo and Hellfire.


Contents of Claudio's Rogue Guide:


gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) Common information Common information about the Rogue.
gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) Rogue-Style-Guide A list and description of the different Rogue playing-styles.
gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) Beginning Rogues Guide for beginning Rogues (clevel 1-30).
gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) Mid-level Rogues Guide for mid-level Rogues (clevel 31-40).
gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) The CAT-Rogue
A description of the (CC)-CAT-Rogue playing-style and an equipment list.
gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) Itemrecovery-Guide
An itemrecovery-guide mainly for Rogues but with many tips for other classes as well.
gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) CC-CAT-Rogue tactical report        A CC-CAT-Rogue tactical report and useful information about melee to hit in Civerb's Cudgel/shield setup.
gold_diamond.gif (1050 Byte) Claudio's Guide for (Ultra-Pure) LoL Rogues A Guide for (Ultra-Pure) LoL Rogues, contains lots of information to keep you alive ;-).



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