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Luis Royo was born in Cutanda, Teruel (Spain) in 1954. When he became of age, he studied drawing, art and design. During the seventhies. he worked in several design studios, while focussing on his painting. He took part in various joint exhibitions and his work was shown in individual exhibitions in different cities in Spain.

His interests expanded into comics and by the early eighties he was published internationally in such magazines as "1984", Comic International, Rambla, and occasionally, El Vibora and Heavy Metal.

In 1983 he began a longstanding relationship with Norma Editorial and devoted himself to illustrations: quickly becoming a predominant force in the fantasy and science fiction field.

Nowadays, Royo's work can be seen all over the world, having been published by such notable companies as Tor, Berkley, Avon, Warner, Bantam, Zebra, NAL, Pocket Books, and magazines such as Heavy Metal, Cimoc and Penthouse to name but a few.


Copyright of the pictures: Luis Royo

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