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Luis Royo: Breeze Fissures (1995), Secrets


The CAT-Rogue

There are still some uncertainities with what I mean by the term: CAT-Rogue. First of all: I want to say again that I am not the first one who decided to play a Rogue this way. However, I have never seen a detailed description of this playing style, nor have I seen a description of it in a Rogue-Guide. So I decided to write this chapter adding it to my Rogue-Guide. I would recommend that you read my CAT-Guide and my Rogue-Style-Guide first.


What is a CAT-Rogue?

A CAT-Rogue is a clevel >20 Rogue who has the necessary equipment for this playing style. She always carries a weapon/shield combination and a bow with her (hell) and uses either:

Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) bow +magic attack spells


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) weapon/shield combination + magic attack spells

dependent on the monsters in the level. Furthermore, a CAT-Rogue also often changes weapons within a level (for example: level 16: I kill some advocates using my bow, walk around a corner and see five Blood Knights coming my way. I switch to weapon/shield combination while walking).

This playing-style is very flexible and allows a nearly perfect adaptation to the given monster combination.


Versatility is the way to go as a Rogue


In my opinion the CAT-Rogue playing-style is the most efficient COOP Rogue playing-style. However, there are many different Rogue playing-styles (please take a look at my Rogue-Style-Guide) and one should choose the playing style S/he feels comfortable with. I have chosen the CAT-Rogue playing-style in COOP games ;-).


Requirements for the CAT-Rogue:

Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Magical attack spells

A CAT-Rogue should have spell level 15 for important spells like Fireball. Chain Lightning works best in my opinion at spell level 10-11, but there are different opinions as well. A level 15 Chain Lightning has to be controlled perfectly or it produces a lot of gaps. The problem with the Rogue is that she can't influence the spell level of Chain Lightning, because to maximize spell levels a Rogue has to go on the hunt for Enchanted Shrines. A Rogue can read Fireball Books (for example) only until spell level 9. Fireball level 10 needs 255 magic and a Rogue can reach just 245 magic with the best equipment. The Enchanted Shrine has a tendency to lower Chain Lightning, but sometimes it doesn't target Chain Lightning. I have some clevel >37 Rogues and all but one has Fireball at level 15 and Chain Lightning at level 10-12. My Cat-Ultra2[BWO] Rogue has Fireball at level 15 but unfortunately her Chain Lightning is also at level 15 as no Enchanted Shrine in her career has lowered Chain Lightning.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) High Armour Class (AC)

The CAT-Rogue should have a high AC (near autohit value) please read my AC to hit data to find out the AC that is needed in hell/hell for your clevel. There was a discussion about Warrior AC needs around September 1998 on the Diablo Strategy Forum on Battle.Net and the discussion's result is: a Warrior doesn't need very high AC, he benefits much more from a high dexterity. A monster that is dead can't hurt the Warrior. However, in my opinion this is not true for a Rogue. A Rogue can easily reach a high AC without sacrificing other stats and a clevel >30 Rogue most often has a high dexterity (>200). A Rogue with in weapon/shield (or bow) setup needs more time to kill melee monster than a Warrior (exception: Civerb's Cudgel/shield setup, almost the same damage per period of time), and so really benefits from having high AC. I don't mention magic attack spells here for two reasons:

1. I try to minimize the use of magic attack spells when I am playing multiplayer games on

2. Some monsters are not easy to kill for a CAT-Rogue by magic attack spells: e.g. Steel Lords, Blood Knights.

To kill Blood Knights efficient in hell/hell (by using of magical attack spells, Fireball) a Rogue needs a high magic value (around 160) as the magic value determines the to hit probability for magic attack spells. Level 17-18 Fireball helps as well. The CAT-Rogue doesn't have that high magic value and she only has a level 15 Fireball (exception: A CAT-Rogue using a Thinking Cap can have level 17 Fireball, but the Thinking Cap doesn't give +magic). A Mini-Mage Rogue can easily reach >160 magic and level 17/18 Fireball.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Bow

The bow is an important weapon for the CAT-Rogue, but I don't kill most of the enemies with arrows. There are many different bows, please read my bow damage comparison. You should use the bow that you like. I like swiftness and resist all/+all bows. The bow damage is not that important, however, you should be able to inflict 63 or more damage in hell/hell.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Melee weapon

A CAT-Rogue uses a sword of speed/haste with a to hit bonus (around 30% is all a clevel 40 Rogue with maximized dexterity needs). A damage bonus is not really needed when the CAT-Rogue can do enough damage to stun the enemies (63 or damage more in hell/hell versus non-boss monsters) but it is nice.

A much better melee weapon in hell is the Civerb's Cudgel. It triples the whole damage (weapon plus character damage) vs demons and everything except Dogs is a demon in hell.

There are only 2 problems with it:

1. The melee to hit in hell/hell can be too low, solutions:
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Find some really good equipment (my clevel 42 Ultra-Pure CC-CAT-Rogue has good equipment and she has a maxed melee to hit in CC/s setup without gold jewels).
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Use one gold jewel.
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Fight your way through hell with a melee to hit vs hell/hell Blood Knights around 80% in CC/s setup. A melee to hit in CC/s setup around 80% vs hell/hell Blood Knights is quite good in my opinion and the melee to hit vs most of the other monsters is even better.

2. Dogs
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Do not use a Civerb's Cudgel on dungeon levels with Dogs.


More information about the Civerb's Cudgel can be found here: Civerb's Cudgel.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Shield

A CAT-Rogue uses a shield with fastblock ability, most often Stormshield or Holy Defender.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Dexterity

A CAT-Rogue should have high dexterity, as any Rogue ;-)).


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Mana

In my opinion a CAT-Rogue should use Mana Shield and has more mana than life. A clevel 40 CAT-Rogue should around 270-300 mana, life isn't important as around 200-220 life is sufficient. However, CAT-Rogues can also be played without Mana Shield. In my opinion the decision to use Mana Shield is, even in Diablo v. 1.07, just a matter of personal playing-style. However, I have always used Mana Shield on mid/high-level Rogues even before the Diablo v. 1.07 patch.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Resistance

Usually a CAT-Rogue gets her resistance from her jewelry. Two obsidian jewelry of anything would be very nice. An obsidian helm of sorcery/stars plus an obsidian ring/amulet of anything is another option.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Weapon Choice

Very often the resistance/immunity of the monster combination decides if I use a bow or my weapon/shield combination (playing solo-multi).

I use my bow if I am facing triple immune range attackers (Soul Burner or Advocates) or Advocate-type monsters (a Rogue can�t stun Advocate-type monsters while using a melee weapon). I try to use my weapon/shield setup, if I am facing fire resistent/lightning immune melee monster (e.g. Blood Knights or Azure Drakes) or fire immune/lightning resistent melee monster (Steel Lords).

However, this is not always possible, a level with Soul Burners and Azure Drakes means: bow usage for the Soul Burners and weapon/shield combination for the Azure Drakes. In such a case I use my bow and Stone Curse melee monster if necessary, sometimes switching to weapon/shield combination if no Soul Burners are around. Bow setup, Stone Cursing and Fireballing the Azure Drakes is another option.


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Examples of weapon usage

-3 kind of Witches
A bow level, no surprise, often I kill Snow Witches with Fireball in this levels.

-Steel Lords and Azure Drakes
I use my weapon/shield combination in this level. When I am advancing very carefully and activate only 2-3 monster each time, I won't get hurt in this level. When I am careless (I like to play careless on an all melee levels ;-)) and charge into the mobs sometimes fighting with +6 monsters, I will get hurt 10-15 times in this level. A tip for all melee levels and weapon/shield setup: Try to stand with your back against a wall or better a corner, this way you will get hit less often.

-Snow Witches and Blood Knights
I use my weapon/shield setup and Fireball the Snow Witches

-Snow Witches and Doom Guards
I use my bow, CL the Doom Guards and Fireball the Snow Witches occasionally.

In multiplayer games on Battle.Net I try to minimize the usage of magical attack spells.


I would like to give you 2 examples of the equipment a CAT-Rogue uses: One realistic setup and one very unrealistic dream setup ;-):


Equipment of my clevel 50 Ultra-Pure Rogue


Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Royal Circlet: AC 40, +10 to all, +10% light radius, +40 mana, durability 50 (40), Hidden Shrine
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Glorious Plate of Sorcery: AC 74 +89% (140), +17 to magic
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Knight's sword of haste: 2-10 damage, +33% to hit, +99% damage, durability 70 (40) hidden shrine -note: this is very important, swords are losing about 40-50 durability on all melee hell/hell levels (solo)
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Stormshield: AC 40, indestructible, +4 damage from enemies, +10 to strength
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Bow of Swiftness: 1-14 damage, fast attack
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Obsidian amulet of the heavens: resist all 38%, +14 to all
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Obsidian ring of sorcery: resist all 36%, +20 to magic
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Dragon's ring of the heavens: +56 mana, +13 to all
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Ivory amulet of the zodiac: resist magic 36%, +16 to all
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Ruby ring of the zodiac: resist fire 56%, +18 to all (level 16)


My Dream setup for a CAT-Rogue, something I will never have ;-))

Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Awesome Full Plate Mail of the stars: AC 75 +150% (187) +11 to all
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Royal Circlet
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Civerb's Cudgel
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) King's sword of haste: 6-15 damage, +100% to hit, +175% damage
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Stormshield or Holy Defender
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Massive bow of swiftness: 1-14 damage, +110% damage, fast attack
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Obsidian amulet of the zodiac: resist all 40%, +20 to all
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Obsidian ring of the zodiac: resist all 40%, +20 to all
Bullet_diamond_gold.gif (334 Byte) Dragon's ring of the zodiac: +60 mana, +20 to all


I will never have this dream setup, but this is not that important. The difference between a good player and a lousy player is not the equipment, but the skill ;-)).


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